Klondike Cheese Company: Takes home first place for Greek yogurt, feta cheese at U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

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MONROE, Wis. (March 20, 2015) — Klondike Cheese Company landed first place in feta cheese and yogurt categories at the 2015 United States Championship Cheese Contest this week in Milwaukee.

Klondike took home first and third place for its plain Odyssey® Greek Yogurt in the Cow’s Milk Yogurt – High Protein category. Klondike’s feta cheese took first place in the Flavored Feta category for Odyssey® Mediterranean Herb, and first place in the Lowfat Cheeses category for the Odyssey® Low Fat Feta in Brine.

Klondike racked up additional honors for its feta cheese, including second place in the Flavored Feta category for Odyssey® Tomato & Basil and second place in the Lowfat Cheeses category for Odyssey® Fat Free Feta Chunk, in addition to third place in the Feta category for Odyssey® Traditional Feta.

“We’re thrilled that our Odyssey® Greek yogurt and feta cheese received numerous honors at the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest,” said Teena Buholzer, marketing director at Klondike Cheese Company. “It goes to show that our Odyssey® feta and Greek yogurt is the best in its class not just in Wisconsin, but in the country.”

The 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest took place March 17–19 in Milwaukee. Hosted by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association for the past 34 years, it’s the largest cheese, butter and yogurt competition in the country. This year marked a record-setting year for contest entries, with 1,885 entries from 28 states.

Klondike Cheese Company’s award-winning Odyssey® feta cheese is made using the freshest Wisconsin cow’s milk with state of the art equipment, which yields a feta cheese of superior quality and consistency. After mastering the craft of award-winning Greek style feta cheese, Klondike set out to find an authentic Greek yogurt recipe that was thick, rich and creamy. Klondike’s master cheesemakers set sail to Greece where they learned the skill of making Greek yogurt firsthand. The result is an authentic Greek yogurt that can be enjoyed for breakfast, a healthy snack or cooking in a favorite dish.

For more information about Klondike Cheese and Odyssey® products, visit http://www.klondikecheese.com.


Klondike Cheese Company has been producing award-winning cheese at the same location since the late 1800s. Family-owned and operated in Monroe, Wis. by the Buholzer family for four generations, the secret to Klondike’s quality is a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, its own special recipes and time-honored traditions of cheese making. Klondike, which markets about 80 percent of its feta for foodservice, also sells its feta at retail using the Odyssey® Feta Cheese brand name.