Greenfield Veterinary Clinic: Announces new digital X-ray system

GREENFIELD, Wis., Aug. 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Greenfield Veterinary Clinic announces that the practice has a new, digital X-ray system. The Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX system offers several important benefits over traditional film X-rays, including improved imaging, instant viewing and shorter waiting time for patients, says the practice. Veterinarian Dr. James P. Work says that the ability to share digital X-rays via email, disk or flash drive will also make it easier to collaborate with specialists should a pet need additional or specialized care. The digital X-ray system joins the animal hospital’s advanced diagnostic equipment that includes endoscopy and ultrasound capabilities.

Veterinarian Dr. James P. Work announced that Greenfield Veterinary Clinic has officially switched to a new, digital X-ray system, the Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX.

“We are thrilled to announce we have officially gone digital with our new, state-of-the-art digital X-ray system,” said Dr. Work. “The new system significantly enhances our ability to capture clear, crisp images that are essential for prompt, accurate and precise diagnosis. When a pet is sick or injured, we understand this experience can be extremely distressful for both the pet and the pet owners. With the Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX, we will be able to get immediate results to take prompt action.”

In addition to using the Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX for emergency and urgent care exams, the digital X-ray machine can also be used in conjunction with ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostic exams.

“With the Vet-Ray Digital Vet DX, we will have a better, clearer picture of the health problems affecting a pet and be able to make appropriate care recommendations,” said Dr. Work.

The veterinarian also stressed the benefits of collaborative diagnosis and treatment.

“Digital X-rays can be shared quickly and easily via email, so we can consult with the very best specialists whether they’re right here in town or in another state,” said Dr. Work. “Our top priority is providing the highest quality care possible for pets. Sometimes, a specialist opinion or second opinion is a truly valuable addition to diagnosis and treatment. That’s why we’re excited to be able to share diagnostic results so quickly.”

Greenfield Veterinary Clinic says that digital X-rays are also safer for pets and easier to take. Since the results of digital X-rays can be viewed immediately, the technician will know whether an image is blurry or unfocused and can quickly re-take the image. There’s no need to wait for the image to develop and then bring the pet back in for a second appointment.

“Digital X-rays truly speed up the diagnostic process,” said Dr. Work. “It’s natural for pets to be anxious and have a difficult time remaining still while an X-ray is being taken. Now, that’s no longer a problem.”

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