Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce: Carol White receives Business Health Care Group (BHCG) award

Contact: Carol White, President & CEO

Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce

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Regional Chamber Coalition receives award for growth

Brookfield, Wis. – December 4, 2015 – The Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce (GBCC)

announces that Carol White, president of the Regional Chamber Coalition, recently received the

award on behalf of the organization from Business Health Care Group. White is also president

and CEO of the Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of commerce members who join BHCG through the Regional Chamber Coalition, have

their one-time joining fee waived as it is covered by their Chamber’s membership in BHCG.

Membership in the BHCG provides employers access to: a health insurance plan that

consistently outperforms the market; educational forums, seminars and workshops designed to

assist employers in effectively managing their health care dollars and benefit programs; and,

networking opportunities to share best practices and learn from one another.

Geoffrey Schick, BHCG’s executive director, said, “We are pleased to present this award to the

Regional Chamber Coalition for their support of the BHCG. Our relationship is mutually

beneficial to chamber’s members and our organization. It is a great example of employers, both

large and small, coming together to impact the quality and cost of health care in southeast


White said, “It is an honor to accept this award on behalf of 16 chambers of commerce that work

collaboratively on behalf of their member businesses in providing a service each chamber

individually would not be able to provide. We thank the BHCG for their work on behalf of

employers of all sizes and their employees.”

For more information about joining the BHCG, please contact Geoffrey Schick at 414-433-4719,

ext. 1, or [email protected]

The Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organization representing

the interests of business in Brookfield and the surrounding area. GBCC operates with an active

committee structure of chamber board members and committed chamber members. GBCC also

recognizes the value in creating collaborative partnerships with other chambers in Milwaukee

and Waukesha Counties. These partnerships expand the reach, influence, and visibility of the

Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce and provide additional benefits to its membership.

For more information please contact Carol White, President, Greater Brookfield Chamber of

Commerce, at 262-786-1886 or [email protected]