First Bank Financial Centre: Lends a hand to revitalize Downtown West Bend

Contact: Heather Koltermann, Media Relations

Phone: (262) 560-2046

E-mail: [email protected]

Oconomowoc, Wis. – To help attract more businesses to the downtown area, the City of West Bend and First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC) established a Downtown West Bend Business Loan Pool. As the number one SBA lender in Wisconsin, FBFC committed $200,000 of capital to the loan pool. Eligible expenses for the loans include acquisition of property, building improvements, equipment purchases and environmental or safety compliance

Kelsey and Wes Krimmer, owners of the newest restaurant and steakhouse in downtown West Bend, Krimmers were very excited about starting their dream of opening their very own restaurant. They both had been in the restaurant business for quite some time and were thrilled to open their own place together in the town where they grew up.
“Our goal was to build a restaurant that would bring fine dining to West Bend,” Kelsey Krimmer stated. “Using the loan pool really sped up the opening process for us.” Overall, the Krimmers utilized the funds for start-up inventory, a big chest freezer and maintenance on used pieces of equipment they had purchased.

Kelsey shared that she was very pleased with the process and would highly recommend the loan pool program to friends and small business owners in the area. “We are so pleased. It was a great opportunity. Thanks for helping us get our dream off the ground.”

Krimmer’s opened for business on February 25th, 2015 and offers high quality steaks, seafood and wine. They provide a cozy atmosphere that caters to customers looking for fresh, high quality food and a friendly environment.

To learn more about the FBFC Loan Pool or to apply, please contact T.J. Justice, Director of the Department of Development for the City of West Bend, at (262) 335-5122.