FCEDC: To start business climate surveys

Contact: Steve R. Jenkins, FCEDC President, 920.929.2063 or [email protected]

A community’s business climate is a major factor in the retention, expansion and attraction of businesses in the community. With this in mind, the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC) will administer a quarterly Business Climate Survey to a cross-section of businesses to assess how businesses view the operating environment in Fond du lac County.

The surveys are a part of the FCEDC M.O.R.E. Business Program (More Opportunities for Retention and Expansion), the Existing Business Program sponsored by Mercury Marine. The surveys will provide data over time as to how businesses perceive the business operating environment in Fond du Lac County, determine trends and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

This will be collaborative with other business organizations in the County to make sure the survey gets the broadest distribution and coverage.

“The business climate in Fond du Lac County has been perceived to be very good but data to exhibit this has been lacking” stated Steve Jenkins, president of the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation. “Such information will not only help us to better understand the business operating environment but can be an attraction factor for new businesses to the County.”

Responses to the surveys will be anonymous allowing for a more straight-forward and honest assessment. All responses quarterly will be aggregated and reported through the FCEDC monthly newsletter Ventures, distributed to our collaborative partners and made available to the public.