Dane County TimeBank: Coming to Madison August 20-28: The MAN Up Summit

Building Mutual Aid Networks – a new economy to redesign work

Various locations around Madison – Full schedule here: http://www.mutualaidnetwork.org/man-up-summit/

Featuring a MAN Up launch party Monday August 24

7pm at High Noon Saloon 701 E. Washington.

With the Yes Men! showing a clip from their new film. Plus Bayo Akomolafe of International Alliance for Localization, and the premier of the MAN Up simulation game. With music by Wendy Schneider, Stephanie Rearick, and Shawn Neary (Cloud Cult).

At the MAN Up summit we will be joined by collaborators in building a new economy – from around the US including Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, and Pennsylvania, plus UK, France, Sweden, and Nigeria.

Mutual Aid Networks are a new type of cooperative, designed to connect us in a network of mutual support that creates means for us to do exactly what we want to do with our lives, from solving hard problems to taking care of loved ones and neighbors to making art. To launch this effort we will host a MAN Up Summit in Madison Wisconsin August 20-28.

The aim of Mutual Aid Networks is to redesign how we work. To apply what we know about economic and community building tools to create a new vision for work – instead of getting jobs so we can afford to live, we decide how we want to live and create community supports for each other to do what we want to do. The aim is to turn everyone into inventors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, homemakers, artists, caregivers, all combinations thereof, with some material security because we choose to provide that to each other.

At the summit we will gather many of the leaders of our 16 initial MAN pilot sites and learn about sociocracy inclusive governance and decision-making, build software tools, share skills with each other, and explore how we collaborate to build healthy communities and dismantle the prison industrial complex. And we will launch the Main MAN, the umbrella cooperative that connects us all in a network of sharing knowledge and resources.

Faraway participants welcome to join some activities online. If you would like to join remotely please email [email protected].

BACKGROUND: Mutual Aid Networks are the brainchild of The Dane County TimeBank, our local mutual credit time exchange http://danecountytimebank.org and Time For the World, our project to learn from and share what we’re doing with communities working on similar efforts around the world http://blog.timeFTW.org.


***FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT STEPHANIE REARICK AT (608) 663-0400 or [email protected] ***