Dane County Parks: Free disc golf day, Friday August 14th at the Dane County disc golf courses: Vallarta-Ast and Capital Springs


Darren Marsh, Director, Dane County Parks, 608-224-3766

Erika Hotchkiss, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator 608-224-3762

Dane County Parks welcomes participants for the 2015 Mad City Open Disc Golf Tournament being held this weekend, August 15-16, 2015 on courses around Madison. Dane County Parks Director, Darren Marsh stated “this is a great opportunity to showcase our disc golf courses to a larger regional audience and promote more local participation.”

Many participants will head out onto the courses on Friday to get some practice in before the competition begins Saturday. No permits will be required to play Friday August 14th at either of the Dane County Disc Golf Courses – Capital Springs or Vallarta- Ast.

For more information:

Mad City Open Disc Golf Tournament: http://www.madcityopen.org/

Dane County Disc Golf: https://www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/disc_golf.aspx

Dane County Parks Office at 608-224-3730 or dane-[email protected].