Dane County Farmers’ Market: New food and cooking series at DCFM

Contact: Bill Lubing, Market Manager
Phone: 608-455-1999
email: [email protected]

Does your kitchen only consist of an outlet and a cutting board? No problem. Don’t know what to do with those broccoli stems? No problem. The Dane County Farmers’ Market is launching a new food and cooking series during upcoming market days March 21 and April 11. Demonstrations are scheduled for 9:30am and 10:30am in the dining room on the lower floor of the market at the Senior Center (330 West Mifflin St).

DCFM Marketing Intern and UW student, Sarah Clifford, will lead the demonstrations. This Saturday, Clifford will discuss what it is like cooking without a full kitchen and how eating local, fresh food can still be incorporated into your diet. Recipes will include a microwavable frittata filled with market vegetables and a seasonal fruit crisp for something sweet. Clifford has plenty experience on this topic as she regularly demonstrates these cooking tips to students in the residence halls across campus.

The next demonstration is scheduled for April 11 with the conversation around the minimization of food waste. Learn more about how much money we end up throwing away in the form of kitchen waste and how we can greatly reduce this number through traditional cooking. Cooking tips will include utilizing the unknown and largely uncoveted parts of ingredients, like broccoli stems. Clifford will leave the recipe book behind on this one and encourage cooks to cook intuitively and creatively.

April 11 is the last indoor Saturday market before DCFM heads outside to the Capitol Square on April 18th.