Bay Area Human Society: New re-homing program offered through BAHS

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Lori Nachtwey (920) 469-3110 ext. 119

Introducing a NEW program offered through BAHS!

Green Bay, WI – The Bay Area Humane Society is proud to announce a brand new program they are launching through their website. It is called “Rehoming: Pets Looking for People”. This is just another service that they are providing to help pets in need.

This website is a free listing for animals in the community that are in need of new homes. These animals are not available for adoption through the Bay Area Humane Society, but are being rehomed by members of the community.

This is specifically for people that are interested in finding a new home for their pet, but may want to avoid bringing them into the shelter. People interested in doing this will fill out an application and history form about their pet and submit it to BAHS. Once it is approved, BAHS will post the information along with the owner’s information on their website.

BAHS will not be performing adoptions or have any connection with this, other than posting approved ads. People looking to adopt a pet can look at this page and get in touch with the person that has the posting up to meet with them. Once their pet is adopted, BAHS will remove it from their page.

According to the Marketing Manager, Lori Nachtwey, “We are not doing this for any monetary reasons. We are simply providing this service to the public as an alternative, which in the long run, would hopefully cut down the amount of unwanted and abandoned animals we see come in here every day. Our mission is to offer the best possible care and future for companion animals in our community through leadership, placement, and outreach. This is just an example of how we are trying to do just that.”

Bay Area Humane Societies website is:

Rehoming is located under the ‘Services’ tab.