Allume Architects: Moves to larger offices in Elm Grove

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Architect Andrea Nemecek also adds staff and builds forward-thinking team with integrity, creativity and dedication to service

Elm Grove, Wis. – November 4, 2015 – Allume Architects has moved to larger offices in Elm Grove, Wis. The relocation is in response to the company’s growth and its ongoing commitment to meet its clients’ needs.

Allume was launched in 2013 by Andrea Nemecek, licensed Architect in the State of Wisconsin and member of the American Institute of Architects. The name Allume is derived from the root word allumer, which translates to “the light came on.” The name is reflected in the company’s belief and vision that natural light is essential to human health, well-being, and that great design can improve quality of life.

Nemecek said, “It’s not so much about the ‘types’ of spaces we design for our clients, such as educational, offices, clinics or single-family residential homes, but more about how we use our diverse experiences and extensive knowledge to support their best interests and goals.”

Nemecek understands that successful design is integral to improved business revenue, increased productivity, employee retention, and overall human well-being. These concepts translate over to commercial projects, such as business and corporate offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, educational and retail establishments, as well as single-family residential design.

“We utilize the knowledge from our diverse project types and experiences and apply it to make professional recommendations to our clients. We don’t begin a project with preconceived notions of what a building type or design should be, but rather listen to our clients and use our knowledge to offer a service and design that is tailored to their needs at that time,” Nemecek continued.

Allume Architects’ mission was naturally born out of these beliefs. The team is comprised of dedicated, positive, and honest professionals who provide architecture, interior design, and project management services in the best interests of their clients. Allume employees are forward-thinking problem-solvers who continue to educate themselves and their clients to offer the best value and highest quality services.

For more information on the architectural, interior design and project management services provided by Allume Architects, contact Andrea Nemecek, Allume Architects, 13500 Watertown Plank Road, Suite 205, Elm Grove, Wis. 53122. 262-720-9702 or