Adams Outdoor Advertising: Partners with MMoCA to support local art education

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Young At Art: MMoCA partners with Adams Outdoor Advertising to support local art education

Madison, WI–April 21, 2015 – Every two years the “Young at Art” show at MMoCA features artwork created by students in the Madison Metropolitan School District. With contributions from over 700 students, this year’s exhibit is the largest to date. And the artwork from this year’s winners is being featured in a big way – on billboards.

This is the first year of collaboration between MMoCA and Adams Outdoor Advertising. “We wanted to partner with MMoCA because community involvement is important to us. It’s vital to encourage our youth to stay active in the arts and there is no better way to encourage their visual expression then by displaying their artwork for the entire city to see. ” Says Chris Eigenberger, General Manager of the Madison market.

And see the artwork, you will. No matter where you travel in Madison right now, you’ll notice the large billboards showing off the winning work. One such piece is a ceramic sculpture entitled Broken, by La Follette High School senior Kaotee Thao. The artwork is one of five chosen by MMoCA and Adams Outdoor Advertising for display on these billboards. Sheri Castelnuovo, Curator of Education at MMoCA says, “Responses are very positive. As you can imagine, all are grateful for the broad support of art education that the billboards provide. The billboards deliver an important message about children’s creativity and talent.”

Evan Schultz, Art Director at Adams Outdoor Advertising agrees. “Working with area schools to promote youth art on such a large canvas was giving the art the recognition it deserves. What these kids can do is amazing and how the schools have fostered this talent is incredibly valuable. Showcasing the art for all to see feels like a no-brainer.”

‘Young at Art’ runs through May 10 in MMoCA’s State Street Gallery. The billboards will be displayed throughout the city until the exhibit comes to an end.

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