Wonderbox Technologies: Substantial growth for family of companies means an increase in hiring

MEQUON, Wis. – Oct. 20, 2014 – With the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of access to quality healthcare for millions, the healthcare ecosystem — including payers, managed care organizations, and healthcare delivery systems — are feeling the pressure to re-strategize and organize themselves around increases in membership and market opportunity.

For a local family of companies specializing in world-class benefit management solutions, the impact has resulted in organizational growth and hiring. Craig Kasten, Co-Founder and Board Chairman of Wonderbox Technologies, Scion Dental, Vestica Healthcare, American Therapy Administrators (ATA), and Ocular Benefits, today announced the family of companies’ plan to staff around opportunities driven by new client acquisition.

“As the vast majority of our clients are from outside of the state of Wisconsin, we are proud to be in a position to create high quality jobs within our local economy,” stated Kasten. “It is always exciting to add new talent that inevitably brings further innovation and fresh thinking to the table,” he added.

The greatest hiring volume is attributed to Scion Dental, a distinguished leader in dental benefit management. The company, experiencing steady growth due to new client acquisition, has nearly 50 open full- and part-time positions ranging from customer service to claims auditing to provider support. Sister companies Wonderbox Technologies, Vestica Healthcare and Ocular Benefits continue to increase hiring against a variety of roles driven by current client needs, expanding memberships, and new client acquisition. Today, the family of companies has 415 people on their payroll and the plan is to increase the head count by nearly 100 positions in the near term.

Poised to introduce new branding in 2015, this collection of companies offers a next-generation of benefit management software and outsourced services to government and commercial payers as well as managed care organizations and healthcare delivery systems. The pivotal innovation is Wonderbox Technologies’ core administration software called the Enterprise System. The software has been built from the ground up to enable the automation of benefit administration. Sister companies Scion Dental, Vestica Healthcare, ATA and Ocular Benefits each chart their own course in respective markets and use the Enterprise System every day to provide state-of-the-art claims management services to their clients. The goal of all companies is to fully leverage technology to improve transparency and dramatically reduce the cost of delivering healthcare benefits.