Vistelar Group: Amazon bestseller now in print: Confidence in Conflict for Everyday Life

Kati Tillema

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May 15, 2014, Milwaukee, Wis. — Due to the success of the online release of Confidence in Conflict for Everyday Life, the Vistelar Group has accelerated plans to publish the book and make it available in print.

The book, which details the strategies of Verbal Defense & Influence, is now available on Amazon in print, as well as e-book (

During last month’s Kindle release, the book launched to the top of the charts and was named Amazon’s #1 hot new release in conflict management.

“So many of us stumble when communicating with our loved ones — Kathy Mangold has written extremely powerful material, and it has obviously struck a chord with many people,” said Vistelar director Gary T. Klugiewicz. “Disagreements and misunderstandings start small, but they can escalate and shatter relationships.”

The Vistelar Group has trained some of the world’s most successful companies, such as Nissan USA. Other clients include the security team at the Mall of America, and police agencies across the country, including Albuquerque, NM and Kalamazoo, MI.

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The Vistelar Group ( is a global consulting and training organization focusing on the spectrum of human conflict. The group trains corporations, government agencies and police forces to communicate under stressful conditions through the strategies of Verbal Defense & Influence. Vistelar’s national headquarters is located in Milwaukee, Wis.