Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies: U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzker picks Universal to attend Mideast trade mission

U.S. Commerce Secretary Pritzker Picks Universal
to Attend Mideast Trade Mission

STOUGHTON, Wis. (Tuesday, March 4, 2014) – Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies will join U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker as one of 21 American businesses on her Middle East trade mission from March 8-14.

As Commerce Secretary, two of Pritzker’s top priorities are helping the nation’s businesses export goods and services, and encouraging investment in the United States. The Middle East mission – which includes stops in United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – allows the Commerce Department to serve as a liaison, connecting U.S. companies with potential customers in the Gulf region.

Universal AET is the only Wisconsin business that will attend the mission. Other businesses invited on the mission include General Electric, Dow Chemical Co. and many mid-sized companies that do business in the infrastructure sector.

The Commerce Department is concentrating on developing export opportunities for U.S. companies that specialize in project management and engineering (including construction, architecture and design); renewable energy (solar, wind, waste-to-energy); smart grid and energy efficiency; and environmental technologies (including water/wastewater, air pollution control and waste management). Universal AET is a leading supplier of air inlet and exhaust systems for turbines and engines used for power generation.

Representing Universal AET on the trip will be Dick Strojinc, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; and Alfonso Canedo, General Manager of Universal’s office in Houston, Texas.

“One of Universal’s top priorities is strengthening and expanding our business globally,” Strojinc said. “We are very appreciative of the prestigious opportunity that Secretary Pritzker and the U.S. Commerce Department is providing to us, and expect it to result in sales growth within many of our product lines throughout the Gulf region. We’re also thankful to U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin for writing a recommendation for Universal during the application process.”

Nearly 95 percent of customers worldwide live outside U.S. borders, so promoting exports is essential to U.S. economic growth and job creation, Pritzker said. The Gulf region is a critical area for export growth: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are among the top 50 export markets for the United States. Since 2010, exports have increased 111 percent to the United Arab Emirates, 65 percent to Saudi Arabia and 57 percent to Qatar, she said. The trip to the Middle East will be Pritzker’s second mission as Commerce secretary.

UAE is making a major investment in its infrastructure and transport systems. U.S. exports to the UAE totaled almost $23 billion in 2012. U.S. exports to Saudi Arabia exceeded $18 billion in 2012, an increase of 31 percent from 2011. It has the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region. Total U.S. exports to Qatar totaled $3.6 billion through August 2013, establishing a new record.

The Middle East trip will be Pritzker’s second mission as Commerce Secretary. She recently returned from her first trade mission to Mexico, which assisted 17 U.S. companies in building relationships and promoting their technologies and services in Mexico’s advanced manufacturing, information and communications technology, health IT and medical devices sectors.

About Universal AET: Established in 1959, Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies conducts business on a global platform from its headquarters in Stoughton, Wis. Universal AET has particular expertise in air movement applications for diesel and gas turbine engine systems. Recognized around the globe for its customized solutions for noise control, emissions and air filtration applications, Universal AET also offers an expansive portfolio of standard products. Its offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Wisconsin, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Singapore and India. Visit universalaet.com for more information.