Sweet Mountain Farm: Competes for $150K Chase Mission Main Street Grant

Sweet Mountain Farm, LLC, a local honey producer, custom northern white cedar beehive manufacturer, and Russian bee breeder has applied for a $150,000 grant from Chase. A newly launched program, Chase Mission Main StreetSM Grants from Chase offers 20 small businesses the opportunity to apply for grants that total $3 million.

A questionnaire is submitted asking the applicant to briefly summarize its business plan and describe how the business is unique. The grant requires a thorough understanding of customer demographics including a description of the competitive landscape. There is one question about company performance. Program rules require that businesses are at least two years old. Unlike many other grants, Chase is interested in how a business serves its community through sourcing locally or contributing to local economic development.

“The Mission Main StreetSM Grant would jump start our business by enabling Sweet Mountain Farm to build more beehives and grow more quickly,” says owner Sue Dompke. “Northern white cedar is an abundant and undervalued resource here on the Island.” “It is more costly to log and ship cedar to the mainland for milling than to purchase the cedar in board feet and ship it here.” “If milling were possible on the Island, value could be added through processing it into a product such as our upscale custom hives.” “Processing our own cedar is part of our long-term goal.” “The grant would expand our customer base and help to increase personnel.” “$150K is an unbelievable opportunity to ensure that the work at Sweet Mountain Farm stays on Washington Island,” said Dompke.

Applying for the grant is easier than most grants and involves 3 basic steps; check for eligibility, complete a registration, fill out a questionnaire. Then, find ways to get 250 unique votes using a Facebook account.

Customers, fans and community members can show support for Sweet Mountain Farm, LLC, by voting at www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/53565 . There is a voting link posted on the front page of the www.sweetmountainfarm.com website. A Facebook account is required for authentication. The link shows how many votes are tallied and the number of day, hours and minutes before the voting deadline.

The voting deadline is October 17, 2014. Grant recipients will be selected by a team of expert small business panelists.

Through Mission Main Street Grants, Chase will award $3 million to small businesses across America. All businesses that apply for a grant and meet the eligibility requirements will receive a special offer from Google, a principal sponsor. In addition, the 20 grant recipients will be eligible to receive a trip to Google for an exclusive small business marketing workshop and a Google Chromebook laptop.

The 20 grant recipients will be announced in January 2015.

About Mission Main Street Grants

Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to small business, Chase launched Mission Main Street Grants, a program that will award 20 grants of $150,000 to small businesses across America. By completing a business profile, a grant questionnaire, and meeting relevant eligibility requirements, small businesses will have access to special offers from Google, a leading sponsor. Chase is committed to helping small businesses so they can take big steps for their business and community.