St. Rose St. Mary’s: Recent 8th grade graduates shed light on importance of Catholic education

Clintonville, WI…..The small, rural Catholic School of St. Rose St. Mary’s offers a unique, faith-filled, academically challenging, whole child approach to education. This 3K-8th grade program not only offers a spiritually rich environment, but takes pride in their ability to live their mission of ‘Sharing the Spirit,’ which includes having several non-Catholic students enrolled. As many Catholic Schools are closing their doors, this school works hard to ensure that doesn’t happen, which includes working diligently to have a school environment that is friendly, welcoming, respectful, and encourages students to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. They recently added an Extended Day and After School Program for the 2014/2015 school year as well, which offers consistent and wrap around care to all students. The teaching staff also effectively carries out his/her responsibilities in the areas of faith formation and instructional leadership, and they make the school a fun place to learn. With things like that it’s easy to see why recent 8th grade graduates, Megan Bouchette, Ryan Krieser, and Riley Zeinert, were able to share what they felt they gained from their experience at St. Rose St. Mary’s School. Bouchette and Krieser have been enrolled here since pre-school and Zeinert 2 years later. All three students consider themselves friendly, smart, loving, and helpful individuals. The students that graduate from St. Rose St. Mary’s School encompass all those qualities, plus they are loving Disciples of Christ, which demonstrates the importance of a Catholic education. Both Bouchette and Krieser felt that the small and family like structure of the school gave them many opportunities to be a leader, and learn how to tackle responsibilities. Bouchette shares, “I’m going to miss everything about this school. How friendly everyone is, my friends I’m leaving there, and how the teachers are hands on with the projects and homework.” Krieser continues that thought, “I will miss the project based learning system.” Students are proud to attend and receive their education here, and all three graduates feel well prepared for high school. Krieser says, “We were challenged with more advanced concepts,” and Bouchette states, “I feel like St. Rose St. Mary’s has prepared me for high school, because they taught me things like math, social studies, and science that I will learn when I’m in high school.” As a student enters the doors of this rural Catholic School one of the goals is to make each one well-prepared for high school, and by offering a spiritually rich environment, friendly atmosphere, an academically rigorous program taught by quality teachers, having a staff that has a positive impact on a child’s character, and really focusing on the child as a whole, St. Rose St. Mary’s School does just that. The thoughts shared by the recent graduates emphasize how receiving a Catholic Education enriches not only the spiritual life of a student, but indeed the whole child. ‘Sharing the Spirit’ is more than a mission statement, it is a way of life here. For more information on enrolling at St. Rose St. Mary’s School please call the school office at 715-823-4360. If you would like to help us grow by ‘Sharing the Spirit’ please contact Autumne Gee, Parish Coordinator of Marketing, Stewardship, and Development- (715-851-2814)-