Sprecher Brewing Co.: Sprecher ambulance bringing WIPL Firkin to Three Lions Pub’s

Oktoberfest Benefiting the Shorewood Foundation

Glendale, WI – Saturday, October 18th, at approximately 5:30pm, a Sprecher ambulance

carrying one firkin of Sprecher’s Wisconsin Pale Lager (WIPL) will arrive at Three Lions Pub

in Shorewood, where it will be tapped at 6:00pm for their Oktoberfest benefiting the Shorewood

Foundation. Normally the beer would be conveyed on a truck, but there is a particular urgency

to this delivery: providing the freshest flavor and aromatics possible. Sprecher’s WIPL is dry

hopped with fresh Wisconsin Cascade hop cones grown in the Wausau area. To maximize their

aromatics, the fresh cones were put in the aging tank within twenty-four hours of being picked.

The beer was then aged a few more weeks before being packaged.

Since the formation of the Wisconsin Hop Exchange, Sprecher has been brewing a fresh whole

cone hop lager featuring Wisconsin Cascades. Every year the flavor varies due to the quality

and types of hops grown. This year our brewmaster made 80 barrels of WIPL using 400 pounds

of the fresh Wisconsin Cascade hop cones. The beer will only be available on draft mostly in

Southeastern Wiscosnin, with release parties at several bars in metro Milwaukee scheduled for

October 24th

Saturday’s firkin tapping at Three Lions Pub’s Oktoberfest benefiting the Shorewood Foundation

will truly be special. Those on hand will enjoy not only the merry atmosphere surrounding this

event, but more importantly, a fresh lager made in Wisconsin using local hops that lend floral

aromatics and green, grassy notes specific to these just picked fresh cone hops.

About Sprecher Brewing Company

Maker of award-winning beers and gourmet sodas, Sprecher Brewing Company is Milwaukee’s

first brewery since Prohibition. Established in 1985, Sprecher remains a leader in Wisconsin’s

craft brewing industry.

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