Serbin Media: Successful Iranian immigrant on redefining the words that make American business so great

They are the words and phrases that have helped so many get ahead in business, but sadly many of these words have gotten a bad reputation as of late. But in order for others to claim their own version of the America dream, one Iranian immigrant with a rather unique perspective on America says we need to start seeing these words again for the positives they really are.

Patrick Bet-David came to America from war-torn Iran in the late 1980s and has the ultimate rags-to-riches story. He’s an author, CEO, entrepreneur and speaker who says the six words that entrepreneurs and business owners need to redefine are:

1. Capitalism- It’s gotten a black eye recently. If you say you believe in capitalism you may be confused as greedy or selfish, yet the same people who are making those remarks are earning a living either from a business or a capitalist who took a risk to start a business and create jobs. Minimize control, maximize freedom and allow people to build the life they want and deserve. There are still too many crusaders that are sold on doing whatever they can to demonize capitalism in America.

2. Immigrants- This country was founded on immigrants who left various countries in Europe to come to a country that offered freedoms other countries didn’t offer; freedom of religion, freedom of speech, assembly, free enterprise, etc. Many in the public forum and mainstream media tend to make immigrants out to fall in the same category as criminals and people who take advantage of the system.

3. Work hard- America had some of the hardest working people in the world in the beginning stages until we decided to come out with the 9-5 era in the early 30’s. You couldn’t force an aspiring entrepreneur to only work from 9 to 5. Many immigrants are so successful because they come to America with an incredible work ethic.

4. Earn- We’ve replaced the word “earn” with “entitled to.” All great things in the world were earned by someone who was willing to put things on the line and sacrifice for a period of time in order to provide freedom to themselves or someone else.

5. Responsibility for your actions- It’s tough to say this nowadays because someone may just jump at your throat and call you inconsiderate or cold hearted. The “take responsibility for your actions” mentality has been replaced with a victimhood mentality.

6. Greatest country in the world- If America is so bad, just leave. Many immigrants leave countries to go to other places because they don’t believe it offers the best life for them. America is truly a great country and offers an opportunity like no other for those who are willing to give it their all.