Rogers Memorial Hospital: To participate in 2014 IOCDF Conference

(Oconomowoc, Wis.) Specialists from Rogers Memorial Hospital will participate in the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) 21st Annual OCD Conference, which takes place July 18-20 in Los Angeles, Calif. Among the experts participating will be Bradley C. Riemann, Ph.D., clinical director of the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Center and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Services; Stephanie Eken, M.D., FAAP, medical director of the Child Center; and Chad Wetterneck,Ph.D., clinical director and cognitive behavior specialist.

The only national meeting focused solely on OCD and related disorders, the conference is hosted by the IOCDF and features presentations, workshops, seminars and support groups from the world’s recognized thought leaders and specialists in the industry. Rogers’ renowned team will join some of the country’s most experienced and knowledgeable clinicians and researchers at this unique event – where laypeople, patients and therapists alike can benefit.

Dr. Riemann, a leading expert in the assessment of OCD and anxiety disorders and the use of CBT treatment, will offer presentations on “The FAQs of ERP: Experts Tackle Key Questions about Exposure and Response Prevention,” “OCD and Addiction (Dual Diagnosis): Maintaining Recovery and Managing OCD,” and “Current Trends in OCD Family Research and Treatment.”

Also, Dr. Eken, a child and adolescent psychiatrist as well as a pediatrician, will present “Varying Levels of Care for Youth with OCD”; Dr. Wetterneck, who specializes in using CBT in the treatment of anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), will offer a “Support Group for Individuals with Sexual and/or Violent Obsessions” and present “Effective Imaginal Exposures: Practical Strategies for Clinicians.”

Rogers’ Role in the Industry

Rogers Memorial Hospital is the world’s largest provider of residential OCD and anxiety disorders treatment for children, adolescents and adults. Rogers’ Child and Adolescent Centers are the only ones in the country, and the adult OCD Center is one of only two nationwide. Rogers works closely with the IOCDF for the education, advocacy and treatment of those with OCD and other anxiety disorders. By increasing awareness, the IOCDF and Rogers offer encouragement that treatment is available – even for those with severe OCD.

Rogers Memorial Hospital is a key corporation of Rogers Behavioral Health System, which also includes: Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.; Rogers Partners in Behavioral Health, LLC; Rogers Center for Research and Training; and Rogers InHealth. The hospital has become nationally recognized for its specialized residential treatment services and affiliations with academic institutions and teaching hospitals in the area. Rogers Memorial Hospital is currently Wisconsin’s largest not-for-profit, private behavioral health hospital, providing adults, children and adolescents with depression and mood disorders treatment, eating disorders treatment, addiction treatment, obsessive-compulsive and anxiety disorders treatment, as well as caring for a variety of other child and adolescent mental health concerns. For more information, please visit