Reggie Newson: Job Center of Wisconsin: UI claimant registration helps employers, too

This is an excerpt from a column posted at BizOpinion.

Last fall, the Department of Workforce Development made a renewed push to require Unemployment Insurance claimants who legally must search for work to do so by registering with

When claimants register, they also build a job match profile and create or upload a resume. And, they have immediate access to tens of thousands of online job postings, as well as a direct link to resources, programs and locations across Wisconsin that can help them prepare for and find a new job.

But even as mandatory registration has helped thousands of UI claimants in their search for new opportunities, this registration requirement is also benefiting employers as they look to fill job openings with skilled workers.

If you’re an employer facing a skills gap, the UI-JCW registration effort dramatically expands your pool of available workers. As new UI claimants from across multiple industries register with and list their skills and work experience, you as an employer can sign up with the website, review individual profiles, screen dozens of resumes, and connect with an expanded base of job seekers.

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