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The Best Way to Stay Branded 365 Days a Year

Omro, WI – September 16, 2014 – Looking for a simple and inexpensive way to keep you and your business in your customers mind? Would you like to be seen every day by your clients? Look no further, promotional calendars make that happen.

Promotional calendars are powerful branding tools. Your branded logo and contact information on an item that customers and potential clients use every day is irreplaceable. The tangible and intangible benefits your business receives from calendars are influential, ensuring that your company is the one chosen the next time they are in need of products or services that you provide. By giving away a branded calendar as a business gift or trade show giveaways, you can ensure that your company receives daily marketing exposure in the offices of your clients and prospects.

To ensure that your customers and prospects choose your calendar over any others they receive, make sure to send them out early. Some businesses distribute their calendars as early as fall. If you wait too long, someone else can beat you to yearly visibility. If you plan on running any direct mail campaigns during this time of year include calendars with a call to action. It is a proven way to increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

Todd Kempinger of Professional Business Systems states, “An important point that is overlooked is the distribution of your branded calendar.” He adds, “Calendars are one of the most widely-used promotional products, so your business will be competing with others who have the same idea in mind. Remember that to ensure that your calendars are used, you have to either provide a very appealing looking calendar or you have to get your calendars into your customers’ hands before anyone else does.”

Another item to keep in mind is the availability of themed calendars. If you work in particular industry like insurance or health care, you can purchase custom calendars that have stock imagery related to your business vertical. This makes it much easier and less time-consuming to find a calendar relevant to not only your business, but your audience’s interests as well. The more relevant your calendars are, the more likely they’ll be used. Which means better odds of daily exposure for your brand.

Promotional branded calendars are a useful gift that will save your customers money and help them plan and organize their schedules. You should approach your customization options with specific goals in mind. If you’re looking to build brand recognition, taking advantage of spacious, high-visibility imprint areas on the calendars you choose should be a key component of your strategy.

Branded calendars are a great promotional product that puts your company’s name, contact information, locations and message in front of your target public 365 days a year. It is a great gift that keeps on giving.

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