Placon: Wisconsin plastic packaging designer and manufacturer picks up prestigious design award for its hypertherm tamper-evident package

Media Relations:
Melissa Jacobson


Placon’s recycled plastic packaging with unique tamper-detection features earns an IOPP AmeriStar packaging award along with high customer satisfaction marks.

MADISON, WI (May 29, 2014) – Earning three Ameristar packaging awards in two years, Placon, a Madison, WI-based company and innovative designer and thermoformer of custom and stock packaging for the retail, medical and food markets, is continuing to earn high marks for its creative, economical and safe packaging designs.

With a 20% overall reduction in the size of its footprint, the award-winning Hypertherm consumables’ packaging, previously manufactured in PVC material, is now designed with Placon’s EcoStar® brand of post-consumer recycled PET rollstock. The 100% recyclable packaging now contains a minimum of 50%, up to 100%, post-consumer content from curbside-collected PET bottles and thermoforms.

Tamper-Evident Packaging Design
Collaborating closely with Hypertherm, a leading US-based designer and manufacturer of advanced plasma metal cutting systems, Placon designed creative, overt methods of tamper detection into the packaging, allowing suppliers and consumers to authenticate a genuine Hypertherm package from a counterfeit product.

“Many companies, like Hypertherm face a major issue in counterfeiting, an ongoing concern for companies and their brands,” states Jeff Baillies, senior concept designer, Placon. “We paid critical attention to the packaging design in order to help customers identify genuine Hypertherm packaging while also protecting the package against duplication by making it more technically and financially challenging to replicate by counterfeiters.”

For over 45 years Placon has been a leading custom designer and manufacturer of thermoformed plastic packaging for the retail, medical and food markets with an extensive line of stock packaging products as well as environmentally-friendly recycled PET rollstock products. Continuously setting the bar in thermoform packaging and sustainable material solutions, Placon provides innovative, high quality and safe packaging products that harness the power of tomorrow’s technology and design to solve customers’ challenges today. According to Plastic News, Placon ranks among the top 20 thermoformers in North America.