NPS Corp: Statement regarding facility closure in King, North Carolina

Statement from Andrew Hetzel, Jr., president of NPS Corp. regarding its facility closure in King, North Carolina

On September 8, 2014, NPS Corporation, headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, announced to its employees that the company’s facility in King, North Carolina will close. The majority of King’s production will shut down by the end of September with complete closure of the facility by year end.

The decision was made to move King’s production to other NPS facilities in North Carolina and elsewhere to more efficiently and more effectively service our customer base. While NPS has seen growth in its Towel and Tissue Division since its acquisition of National Tissue Company in February 2014, the shutdown of King is necessary as the facility is outdated and sufficient production capacity exists elsewhere in the company.

This was a difficult decision that affects 40 employees. The affected employees are being offered severance packages and will be able to apply for positions at our Blue Ridge Tissue operation in Patterson, North Carolina and at other NPS facilities.