Navitus Health Solutions: Self-Insured Schools of California pleased with transparency & partnership from new PBM

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Self-Insured Schools of California Pleased with Transparency & Partnership from New PBM, Navitus Health Solutions

MADISON, Wis., July 22, 2014–Navitus Health Solutions, LLC announced recently that it has begun a 3-year contract with Self-Insured Schools of California (SISC) to provide their pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services.

SISC sought a PBM partner that would help them achieve the lowest net cost for their pharmacy benefit plan while continuing to provide their membership with access to high quality health care. Through long-term collaboration and commitment, this alliance will enable SISC to achieve that goal. As an organization that consists of hundreds of public school agencies, SISC’s philosophy is to pool resources to create a stable and long-term benefit for its members; this principle extends to their vendors, including the PBM.

“We wanted to partner with a PBM that is aligned with our requirement of transparency and disclosure. The Navitus business model is a great fit with true pass-through pricing, low net cost, superior customer service and proven experience to transition our membership with minimal impact,” said Nick Kouklis, CEO of SISC.

As of April 1, 2014, SISC transitioned its members to Navitus. A comprehensive transition plan and pre-implementation communications strategy, developed in partnership with SISC, ensured an extremely smooth conversion. This collaborative approach included a communications plan that addressed SISC employees, their families, and retirees, and informed and prepared all parties for the transition.

“As a full pass-through, transparent PBM, our ethics are completely aligned with those of SISC,” said Terry Seligman, President & CEO of Navitus. “Many clients come to us weary of second guessing where their pharmacy benefit dollars are going. We are delighted that SISC has entrusted Navitus as its partner.”

About SISC

SISC is a Joint Powers Authority administered by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office and governed by an elected board. Participating member districts elect the Board of Directors. All Board Members are employees of school districts. This insures that SISC policies are set with the best interests of schools in mind. All SISC administrative personnel are employees of the school system. SISC has over 200,000 members, including employees, dependents and retirees.

About Navitus

Navitus Health Solutions, LLC is a full-service, URAC-accredited pharmacy benefit management company. As a zero-spread, full pass through pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), Navitus aligns performance with plan sponsors’ benefit goals to deliver comprehensive clinical programs and cost-saving strategies that lower drug trend and promote good member health. Navitus provides its flexible services to government entities, self-funded employers, coalitions, labor organizations, third-party administrators, and health plans, including managed Medicaid, Exchanges and Medicare Part D. For more information about Navitus’ real solutions to the rising cost of health care, visit or call 877-571-7500.