Museum of Wisconsin Art: Hires Christina Wright as director of public relations and social media

Contact: Christina Wright, Director of
Public Relations | Social Media

[email protected], 262.247.2266


(WEST BEND, WI) The Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) is excited to welcome Christina Wright as Director of Public Relations | Social Media. A writer by trade, Wright’s work can be seen in an array of local and national publications, from Urban Milwaukee Dial, which provides the most comprehensive coverage of the Brew City’s arts and entertainment scene, to Swim Swam News, the world’s most popular competitive swimming blog, to Passion Passport, an international travel storytelling website. Wright has also managed the social media accounts for numerous small businesses throughout the United States.

The Director of Public Relations | Social Media is a re-designed senior management position that focuses on sharing MOWA’s story in creative ways with myriad audiences, from the general public to museum members and artists.

“We’ve developed a reputation at MOWA for hiring creative, out-of-the box thinkers and Christina Wright fits the bill perfectly,” says Laurie Winters, MOWA Executive Director | CEO. “I first met Christina when she wrote a profile story about MOWA for Urban Milwaukee. The interview was initially planned for an hour, but she was so genuinely enthusiastic about MOWA and our mission that we spent almost three hours together. I vividly remember saying to a colleague after the interview that we should hire her, and, well, we just did!”

In 2003, Wright graduated from Columbia University with a BA in English and Art History. Later, while working at Marquette University from 2005 to 2007, Wright earned an MA in Political Science. In 2012, she honed in on her true passion for communications, acquiring a Graduate Certificate in Digital Storytelling, also from Marquette. In the spring of 2013 Wright won an international travel storytelling contest which allowed her to journey throughout Germany with one of Facebook’s oldest members, 104-year-old Ella Kastner. Wright shared this unique experience with the world via social media, blogging, and videography.

“Christina brings a journalist’s perspective on writing and thinking and social media management to our organization. She loves Wisconsin art and understands how important museums can be for fostering new ways of thinking about art and culture in the 21st century,” says Winters. “She has a wicked sense of humor that rivals Kathy Griffin. Please feel free to introduce yourself when you’re next in the museum and be sure to ask her about her stint as a stand-up comedian.”