M-WERC: Edison DC Systems moves into M-WERC Energy Innovation Center

Contact: Joshua Morby
[email protected]

Edison DC Systems says access to power and testing facility offers unique opportunity

MILWAUKEE – The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium is excited to announce another addition to the Energy Innovation Center (EIC), the region’s first fully integrated ecosystem for companies, individuals, economic development and academic organizations in the energy, power, and controls industries.

“Edison DC Systems (EDCS) is a great complement to the two organizations (Alliance Federated Energy and the Manufacturing Diversity Institute) already part of our program at the Energy Innovation Center,” said M-WERC executive director Alan Perlstein. “We’re excited to welcome them, and even more excited to see their products evolve.”

EDCS is developing a power conversion system for use by data centers that takes AC (alternating current) and converts it to DC (direct current) in a more efficient architecture. There will be substantial savings for large energy users. The system they are developing creates a unique, clean, uninterruptable power supply.

“We are excited about the market for companies looking to incorporate this type of technology. We’re designing a product that just hasn’t been available until now,” said EDCS co-founder John Meinecke. “The technology partners and resources available at the EIC make it a great fit. The availability of power, research labs and expertise allows us to do the type of load testing necessary to bring our products to market.”

“The growth plan for the Energy Innovation Center remains on attracting the right kinds of start-up companies that can address opportunities our members and academic partners have identified in our strategic road mapping process,” said EIC Executive Director Jeff Anthony. “Together the organizations involved in the EIC will continue to create a rich, thriving ecosystem as the hub of the energy, power and controls industry in the Midwest.”

Find more information about EDCS by visiting them online at www.edisondcs.com, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EdisonDcSystems or on Twitter @edisondcsystems . For more information on M-WERC visit us online at m-werc.org or follow us on Twitter at @MWERC.