John Imes: The way forward to a more resilient Wisconsin

This is an excerpt from a column posted at BizOpinion.

Wisconsin lags behind other states when it comes to making smart choices for our environmental future while also pursuing competitive advantage.

Business and civic leaders, researchers, communicators, and concerned citizens who are creating a brighter future for a thriving Wisconsin will meet in Madison on May 6 to discuss how a thriving Wisconsin depends on clean and abundant water, and on energy sources that meet our needs, but don’t make climate change any worse.

This public forum, “Resilient Wisconsin Day,” will include panel discussions to explore advances in energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy that can shape a greener future and opportunities for safeguarding our state’s freshwater ecosystems. Workshops for participants will examine climate change and improving approaches to food, water, and energy sustainability.

In the closing address, Torbjörn Lahti, co-founder of Sweden’s first “eco-municipality,” will lead the charge for sustained — and sustainable — progress toward a thriving Wisconsin.

The forum is part of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letter’s efforts to develop a Road Map for the state’s climate and energy future. A broad-based Wisconsin group is exploring options that offer a way forward on cleaner energy sources, better environmental results, and a more productive business climate. The aim is to promote a wider conversation on these topics.

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