IPSO: Adds 200-pound tumble dryer to OPL line-up

Large-capacity dryer designed to process more linen with intuitive technology

RIPON, Wis.—(March 25, 2014) – IPSO®, Europe’s preferred laundry manufacturer for more than 40 years, now provides on-premises laundry (OPL) managers with the IT200, a 200-pound tumble dryer, to complement the 140-, 165- and 175-pound washer-extractors. On-premises laundry employees can now improve throughput with the extra capacity and have the added benefit of the intuitive OPTimum technology.

“We are proud to introduce the new industrial-strength 200-pound tumble dryer to the IPSO OPL line,” says Kathryn Q. Rowen, North American Sales Manager for IPSO. “We strive to constantly innovate and update product lines so that our OPL managers have the equipment they need to achieve peak efficiency and minimize expenses.”

The IT200 tumble dryer perfectly balances heat and airflow in its cylinder design to keep utility usage low by providing a quick drying process. The machine also includes a large, self-cleaning lint screen and self-adjusting belts that save cleaning time and reduce maintenance costs.

The 200-pound tumble dryer comes equipped with the OPTimum control to further increase a laundry room’s operating efficiency. The easy-to-use control offers 30 programmable drying cycles with simple customization using three different types of drying—time dry, auto dry and moisture dry.

Reversing technology is standard on the IT200. This allows the machine to stop, pause and then switch direction, which helps to prevent large articles, such as sheets, comforters and tablecloths, from becoming tangled in the dryer, providing a consistent dry of the laundry.

Over-dry Prevention Technology (OPT) is a purchasable option with the OPTimum control. The technology provides pinpoint dryness readings throughout the entire load and discontinues drying at the precise moisture level required by the operator. OPT eliminates over-drying, increases throughput and reduces utility consumption to save managers thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary energy and operating costs.

The tumble dryer is available in steam and gas, and comes with a three-year standard warranty.

For more information about the 200-pound tumble dryer please visit IPSO.com or call 1-800-USA-IPSO.

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