Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce: Transportation fund endorsement

Transportation Fund Endorsement

The Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce and Government Affairs Advisory Council Endorse the Transportation Fund Referendum

BELOIT, WI – The Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) and the Government Affairs Advisory Council (GAAC) have decided to endorse and fully support the referendum that will alter section 9(2) of article VI and section 11 of article VIII of the constitution and will “require revenues generated by the use of the state transportation system to be deposited into a transportation fund for the exclusive purpose of funding Wisconsin’s transportation systems”. The Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce supports the separation of the funds for the following reasons:

We need a safe, reliable, and robust transportation infrastructure to move goods and services in Wisconsin’s economy.

The proposed constitutional amendment would keep the gas tax and vehicle registration fees in the place those funds were always intended – to support our transportation infrastructure.

The movement to pass the amendment is a grassroots, bipartisan coalition consisting of local governments, businesses and trade organizations, local chambers of commerce, organized labor, regional planning groups, and many others.

The proposed constitutional amendment on the November 2014 ballot does nothing more than require that gas tax and registration fee revenues remain in the state’s Transportation fund.

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