Change Science Institute: Change Science goes digital: ‘The Science of Change’ eBook is released on Amazon

Milwaukee, WI – May 28, 2014 – Tom Somodi, the founder of Change Science Institute, has released the digital version of his first book, “The Science of Change: Basics Behind Why Change Succeeds and Fails,” The Kindle version is now available on Amazon for $9.99 at

“Tom Somodi has taken years of experience in managing and understanding change and broken it down into an easy-to-read handbook.” –Larry Kilham, author of MegaMinds: How to Create and Invent in the Age of Google.

“From early on in my career I have witnessed organizations and individuals struggle with obtaining successful change, even change initiatives utilizing proven methodologies,” says Somodi. “I came to realize that change was not just something an organization or individual has to do, but follows a set of dynamics that can be summarized by definitions, principles, and concepts. The key is that change is not an art but is really a science, the science of change.”

Tom founded Change Science Institute with the mission of the advancement and recognition of change as a science. Change Science Institute has developed presentations, seminars, and training sessions focused on using change science to navigate tumultuous business environments, as well as planning and strategizing change. Tom and Change Science Institute are continually featured in publications like Smart Business, Small Business Opportunity, and Wellness. You can read some of these and learn more at

Tom is a speaker and expert in the areas of domestic and international reorganizations, acquisitions and strategic change initiatives covering manufacturing, distribution and service sectors and taking a company public during the difficult 2011 financial markets. He has extensive public and private company executive and board level experience including positions as CEO, COO, CFO and CSO. Throughout his career, Tom has helped create thousands of jobs. As a Milwaukee area native, Tom Somodi obtained both a Bachelor and Masters Degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and served on the Muskego-Norway School Board in the 1980s including 7 years as board president.