Brandish Creative Group: Launches to support regional small businesses

Tony Stone builds forward-thinking team with integrity, creativity and razor-sharp focus

Oconomowoc, Wis. – December 15, 2014 – Brandish Creative Group has been launched by

Tony Stone, regional graphic artist and marketing expert. Brandish offers a variety of services

for small businesses including logo design and branding; environmental graphics; brochures,

catalogs, direct marketing; web design and email marketing; and advertising requirements.

Stone said, “We started Brandish with the mission to help small businesses gain credibility – we

noticed a disconnect between how larger organizations communicate with their audiences and

the way small business owners communicate, with more of a do-it-yourself approach that isn’t as


Areas of expertise for Brandish include branding, art direction, graphic design, copywriting,

illustration, photography, marketing, web design, tradeshow displays, package design and

advertising. Stone’s background includes working with several printing, screen printing,

and sign companies in all aspects of the business – from sales, marketing, design and project

management to production.

“Working for and with small business owners has given me insight into what entrepreneurs care

about most, which is what’s best for the company and what gives the most return on investment,”

said Stone. “My years of experience, working from production to the front office, provide a

wealth of value since I maximize visual communication efforts without going over budget.”

Brandish Creative Group provides design and marketing services that provide value. Great

writing plus great visuals equals increased revenue, with most important driver behind good art

is the way you communicate with your audience. The three pillars of the company are branding,

marketing and design.

For more information on creative services provided by Brandish Creative Group, contact

Tony Stone, 1288 Summit Avenue, #107-196, Oconomowoc, Wis. 53066. 414-861-2331 or

[email protected].