Blackhawk Technical College: Increases new student enrollment

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JANESVILLE, WI – Blackhawk Technical College’s (BTC) new student enrollment is trending upward. In its most recent submission to the Wisconsin Technical College System office, BTC reported an 11.6 percent increase in new students for the 2014-15 school year.

The new student increase is BTC’s largest since the closing of the Janesville General Motors plant in December 2008.

“This is an exciting time for the College as well as the communities we serve,’’ said Edward Robinson, Vice President-Student Services.

“An increased number of people in Rock and Green counties are becoming more aware of BTC’s top-notch academic training, which prepares them for fantastic career opportunities. Consequently, as more people are weighing academic training, career opportunities and cost to enroll in classes, BTC is becoming their college of choice.”

According to the admissions department, 1,008 new students are attending BTC this fall helping boost the college’s full-time equivalent or FTE growth by 4.8 percent, compared to fall of 2013.

In addition to the new student growth, the popularity of BTC programs was reflected in the number of applications received the fall semester.

BTC received 2,349 applications, the highest total since 2011-12 when 2,678 applied. In fact, 60% of the college’s programs saw an increase in applicants.

“Our plan came to fruition this year because our student services team, including the admissions and administrative staff, faculty and other support areas worked as a team to promote the value of a Blackhawk Technical College education with prospective students,” said Barrett Bell, Director of Admissions.

“We feel we have a lot of momentum heading into the fall,” added Bell. “Our new Advanced Manufacturing Training Center is open and off to a great start, we’ve added a bus shuttle system this year to help with transportation and our new Student Success Center is among the best in the state.”


Blackhawk Technical College is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System. BTC has five campus locations in Monroe, Beloit and Janesville, WI offering more than 50 programs including two-year associate degrees, one- and two-year technical diplomas and short-term technical diplomas. In addition, BTC is a major provider of customized training and technical assistance for the Rock and Green County business community. More than half of all adults living in Wisconsin have accessed the technical colleges for education and training during the last decade.