4 Brothers Blended Beer: There’s another storm “brewing” in Wisconsin

4 Brothers Launches Successfully in Milwaukee Area and Will Now Deliver
New, Blended Beer Flavors to All of Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (Jan. 21, 2013) – The craft brewing industry has surged by thousands of new microbreweries in recent years, but most of these new beers are slight variations on age-old styles such as porters and IPAs. Four brothers have reunited in Milwaukee to brew up the solution to drinkers’ doldrums: 4 Brothers Blended Beer Co., the first operation to focus on brewing blended beers that combine two or more styles to create truly original flavors.

After an extremely successful Milwaukee-area launch in November of last year, 4 Brothers has partnered with distributor Johnson Brothers Beverages to deliver its blended brews across the entire state—including Madison, La Crosse, Eau Claire, and Green Bay.

“We’ve known since our first batch that these are unique and winning beers,” said Jimmy Gohsman, COO and Blendmaster of 4 Brothers Blended Beer Co. “We’re thrilled that thousands of beer drinkers agree with us, and we’re honored to partner with Johnson Brothers Beverages to bring these flavors to every corner of Wisconsin.”

4 Brothers’ Blended beers combine two or more different styles to create unique and balanced flavors. This concept is not new, but previously most mixing occurred after the brewing process, or at the tap. 4 Brothers is the first operation to focus exclusively on blending beers during the actual brewing process. This way, the brothers—including Tommy, Jimmy and Andy—have maximum control over how the different flavors compliment and balance each other in their initial four brews:

• Sibling Rivalry. Jimmy and Tommy have always liked blondes, while Robin favors browns and Andy can’t get enough of the reds. Ales, of course. The brothers agreed to disagree on this one, and the result is blend of blonde, brown and red ales that produces notes of sweetness, nuttiness and breadiness.

• Relative Madness. With the four brothers spread across the country, their parents enjoyed a brief period of serenity. Not anymore. Chaos and calmness meet, along with the chocolate notes of a porter and the crisp flavors of a blonde ale, in this blend.

• Prodigal Son. Ask any brother about this beer’s namesake, and you will get the same answer: Jimmy. Ask Mama Gohsman and she will agree: “Jimmy was always well-balanced”—just like the hoppy and citrus flavors of this IPA and cream ale blend.

• Whipper Snapper. This American Style Wheat, Helles, and Amber blend is the lightest of the bunch, but it still holds its own as a nice retreat from the bigger flavored craft beers.

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Each Gohsman brother brings unique experience to the business. Robin began his industry career as a server for Milwaukee restaurateur RC Schmidt and worked his way through college as a front door manager and bartender at Flannery’s in Milwaukee.

Tommy Gohsman, barbacked and bartended at Sally’s Restaurant in Minneapolis through college. After returning to Milwaukee, he became the assistant manager for Brew-City Bar-B-Q, and has been in the industry for his entire professional career.

BlendMaster Jimmy Gohsman, ‘the prodigal son,’ has been homebrewing since he was in college.

Andy Gohsman, VP of Sales & Marketing, became a student of Colorado’s Craft Beer Industry while studying at the University of Colorado.

“We took different paths, but we all ended up in the same place,” said Robin. “This company was born out of our shared passion for brewing, and we’ve found a way to create harmony by embracing our differences. We’re confident beer drinkers across Wisconsin will agree as they have in Milwaukee.”