Zeus Recycling Solutions, LLC: Unveils innovative plastic stretch film manual baler

Contact: Jim Theodoroff

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Wisconsin Co. develops simple solutions that are revolutionizing how plastic stretch films are recycled.

SHEBOYGAN, WI & LIBERTYVILLE, IL-APRIL 2, 2013: Zeus Recycling Solutions, LLC, (ZRS) based in Sheboygan, WI and Libertyville, IL, has just announced the sale of several Zeus Manual Plastic Stretch Film Balers on February 24, 2013 to Lakefront Brewery located in Milwaukee, WI. The sale of these balers helps confirm that ZRS’s Manual Baler is bringing a simple and cost effective solution to recycling plastic stretch films for its U.S. and overseas customers.

ZRS Vice President, Jim Theodoroff, explains some of the benefits of the ZRS baler, “When we developed our manual baler, we wanted to bring a simple, safe and very cost effective solution to a waste problem that has been overlooked for over 50 years. Our customers love the fact that the baler does not consume any electricity and has excellent portability.”

Mr. Theodoroff also stated that, “only 10% of all plastic films are being recycled, and the remaining 90% enter into the waste stream of the generators which is costing them a substantial amount of money and resources in the disposal process. Furthermore, not only do our customers reduce their waste removal costs, but they are now able to stack thirteen of their 35 lb plastic film bales on a single pallet. Through utilizing the ZRS baling process, a customer is easily able to create a 400 lb pallet comprised of a valuable plastic film commodity, which we will pay our customers to purchase.”

The ZRS manual baler costs approximately $1495.00 per unit, and provides a rapid return on its investment though allowing its users to materially reduce certain waste removal expenses and generating revenues through the sale of their 400 lb pallets of plastic bales.

Lakefront Brewery President, Mr. Russ Klisch, who is also on the Council of Advisors for the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, stated “The Zeus Baler has already started to make an impact on reducing our waste removal costs, and as a company that takes pride in our sustainability initiatives, we have immediately stopped putting a recyclable plastic film into our local landfills. This is good for business, society and the environment.”

The ZRS Baler is utilized in many different types of industries in the U.S. and overseas, including, but not limited to: manufacturing, distribution, agricultural, marine, health care, grocery, warehousing, and hotel. ZRS manufactures its balers in Wisconsin and sells them directly to its customers and distributors.

The ZRS baler is also being well received by hospitals and medical schools throughout the U.S. The hospitals and medical schools are using it to bale and recycle their clean, surgical sterilization wrap and plastic stretch films. Brady Zufelt, ZRS Director of Marketing and Sales, has led ZRS efforts to help hospitals reduce their waste costs by introducing the manual baler to the hospitals and medical schools. Mr. Zufelt explains, “the hospitals have been looking for ways to reduce their waste streams for many years so when they are presented with a common sense approach and an effective solution it makes it very easy for them to participate.” Mr. Zufelt has recently made presentations at the Hospital Waste and Recycling Conferences at the Mayo Clinic, and at the Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management Conference sponsored by The Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW). Mr. Zufelt is regarded as a leading advocate for recycling solutions for the hospital and recycling industries.