Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce: Local chambers of commerce remain optimistic for Wisconsin’s business climate


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Local business associations weigh-in on Wisconsin’s economy

Madison – Nearly 70 Wisconsin chamber of commerce executives participated in the annual economic outlook survey compiled by the state chamber of commerce, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC). This year’s survey results show optimism surrounding Wisconsin’s business climate with 75% expecting moderate growth in their communities.

Wisconsin’s Reforms are Working

Most local chambers (89%) think the state is on the right track. Ninety percent of the local chambers feel strongly that Wisconsin is very or somewhat pro-business.

Top Concerns

The top concern remains healthcare costs rising nearly 10% since even last year, cited by 82% of respondents. Rounding out the top four leading concerns in Wisconsin’s communities for the past couple years is the state of the economy, labor shortage and taxes.

Jim Morgan, president of the WMC Foundation and secretary/treasurer of the professional association Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives, said, “While chamber executives are optimistic regarding the direction our state is headed, they understand uncertainty is the true problem inhibiting expansion of their members’ facilities and workforce. The businesses in communities statewide also face uncertainty in issues such as healthcare, workforce development and expanded regulation.”


The local chambers of commerce executives are again trending positive on a number of indicators. Sixty-nine percent believe that employment in their communities will increase in 2014 and 75% believe their communities will see moderate economic growth in 2014, the same as last year.

About WCCE

The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives association, a division of WMC, is a professional development organization for executives and staff members of chambers of commerce in Wisconsin. Founded in 1916, its mission is to advance the management skills and experience of its members so they are equipped to lead their business members and their communities.

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