White Castle: Partners with Gundersen Health System to offer healthy options

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LA CROSSE, Wis. — White Castle(R), a
family-owned regional restaurant chain known for its tasty sliders, has
brought healthier foods to their menu and joined the Wisconsin-based
Gundersen Health System 500 Club(R).

“Bringing a healthcare organization like Gundersen together with a
restaurant chain like White Castle is a very unique partnership,”
comments Jennifer Larson, RDN, CD, administrative director, Gundersen
Nutrition Therapy. “By combining some menu changes with moderation, we
were able to offer healthier options.”

One of the menu changes made was adding the Grilled Chicken Slider. “As
the taste America craves, White Castle also knows how to satisfy
cravings for hot and juicy better- for-you options,” says Jamie
Richardson, vice president, White Castle. “We’re pleased to partner
with Gundersen 500 Club to share the news of our savory and delicious
Grilled Chicken Slider. We are delivering just what the doctor ordered
— great taste with fewer calories.”

Some examples of White Castle’s 500 Club combos include:

— Two Original Sliders and 1 percent milk — 380 calories, 15g Fat
— Two Savory Grilled Chicken Sliders and a bottle of water or diet soda —
360 calories, 14g Fat
— One Savory Grilled Chicken Slider, one Original Slider and 1 percent
milk — 420 calories, 16g Fat

With nearly 600 members, Gundersen’s 500 Club, is a free, healthy
eating program coordinated by Gundersen registered dietitians. Foods
that have the 500 Club stamp show they are controlled in fat and
contain approximately 500 calories or less. It helps people find
delicious, convenient and healthy foods when they are on the go.

“Having White Castle as a 500 Club member drives home our mission of
making customers aware that healthier options are always available,”
says Larson. “This partnership broadens Gundersen’s 500 Club preventive
health outreach across the country, influencing healthier and mindful
choices on a national level.”

For more information on White Castle’s 500 Club options, go to
whitecastle.com and click on “promotions.” For more information on
Gundersen’s 500 Club, go to gundersenhealth.org/weight-loss/500-club.

About Gundersen Health System

Headquartered in La Crosse, Wis., Gundersen Health System is a
comprehensive healthcare network with hospitals and clinics throughout
Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Gundersen is a major tertiary teaching
hospital, providing a broad range of emergency, specialty and primary
care services. As one of the nation’s largest multi-specialty group
medical practices, Gundersen is comprised of more than 700 medical,
dental and associate staff, and supported by a staff of more than
5,500. The Health System has been consistently ranked in the upper 5
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About White Castle

White Castle is a family-owned and run fast-food hamburger chain which
was founded in 1921 in Wichita, Kan. They have more than 400 locations
in 12 states.