WEDC reports more than 37,000 jobs impacted

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.’s annual report says the public-private agency impacted 37,313 jobs in fiscal year 2013.

WEDC also lowered its FY 2014 job impact goal to 20,825, according to the report.

While WEDC previously set a goal of 50,000 jobs impacted each year since its inception, the organization recently began tying goals to specific production from each department of the public-private entity. WEDC officials have said the 50,000 goal was more “aspirational” than linked to any specific programs.

Based on the metrics set out in WEDC’s FY 2013 operations plan, WEDC also fell short of its goal of assisting at least 150 communities with economic development, saying it only aided 69. It did exceed its goal of businesses assisted — recording assistance to 2,085 businesses — but most of that was done through WEDC partners rather than the organization itself.

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