Vitality Health & Wellness Center: Milwaukee acupuncture and weight loss center’s new website informs, educates

MILWAUKEE, April 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A Milwaukee acupuncture
and holistic healing center is providing current and prospective
patients with a rich resource of health information. Dr. Arthur Rapkin,
O.M.D., L.A.C. of Vitality Health &Wellness Center of Wisconsin states
that the clinic’s site goes significantly beyond the basic tasks of
introducing the practitioners to the public and facilitating
appointments. “We want this site to serve as an educational resource, a
portal for all kinds of information on various health challenges and
conditions, medical news and helpful guidance,” he says.

Informative blog posts play a major role in this approach. The
website’s blog offers articles on topics ranging from weight loss
techniques to natural infertility treatments. Dr. Rapkin states that
the blog will continue to grow, creating an ever-expanding resource of
interesting, accessible data on all aspects of health. “It’s immensely
helpful if you have a trusted ‘go-to’ site that explains these things
in plain English instead of forcing you to wade through medical studies
written for doctors,” explains the Milwaukee acupuncturist.

The website also makes extensive of use of multimedia, including video
clips intended to explain, educate and inspire. An introduction to the
clinic appears on the home page, while the success stories page allows
visitors to see and hear real-life accounts of patients’ triumphs over
different health issues. “Seeing is believing,” says Dr. Rapkin. “When
you can receive a firsthand account from someone who has had success
with a particular clinic and technique, that’s powerful evidence that
you’ve come to the right place for your own health issue,” he says.

In addition to this body of educational and testimonial material, the
clinic website also offers more standard but equally helpful fare.
Visitors can request appointments through an interactive contact form
or reach the clinic through other contact information on the site, for
instance; they can also register online for an account and purchase
special offers through the center’s online store which offers wellness

Patients also have the opportunity to download and complete the
necessary paperwork in advance, saving them that trouble when they
appear for their appointment. Even in the more standard parts of the
site, however, the practitioners have made an effort to provide
in-depth information. The clinic’s deep list of services enables
viewers to click on each service for a clear, detailed explanation of
that service’s features and benefits.

“We want people to be able to understand right away what the service
can treat, how they can benefit and what’s involved,” says Dr. Rapkin.
“This makes it easier for them to decide what they need and whether
they want to go through with it, or at least schedule a consultation
about it.”

Vitality Health & Wellness provides laser therapy, acupuncture, pain
management, weight loss, anti-aging, infertility and other health care
services. For more information, patients can visit their website at:

CONTACT: Vitality Health & Wellness