Village of Greendale: Rock Sports Complex to move forward in Greendale

Elizabeth Hummitzsch, Mueller Communications
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Greendale officials reach agreement with Milwaukee County regarding Gravity Mountain Biking Course

Greendale, Wis. – Today, the Village of Greendale (the Village) announced an agreement with Milwaukee County that will allow the Rock Sports Complex’s Gravity Mountain Biking course (Complex) to move forward while addressing key issues and concerns identified by Village officials.

“Our hope has always been that we could work with the contractor and the County to resolve these issues and move forward with this exciting development,” said Hermes. “ I wish to extend my personal thanks to County Executive Chris Abele for his direct involvement and leadership in resolving these issues.”

Representatives of the Rock Sports Complex were informed by the Village of Greendale in March, and again in May, that the Gravity Mountain Biking Trail system would require the owner to obtain a new Special Use Permit before constructing any portion of the course. The Village has not issued a Special Use Permit for this work nor has it received an application to start the review process. Although permits were not applied for or granted, unauthorized work has been completed on the Gravity Mountain Biking Trail system. The agreement announced today will address these issues.

Perhaps most notable to Greendale residents, the County will be working with their contractor and Village officials to minimize the impact that sports field lighting in the Complex has on neighboring Greendale residents.

“We know this complex is a great economic draw and will have a positive impact on our local economy,” said John Hermes, Greendale Village President. “When the County learned that procedures and policies were not being followed by their contractor, they worked with us to quickly and efficiently move forward with the project in a way that is in the best interest of our residents.”