VibeTech Inc.: Appoints CEO

Marlo M. Vasquez Joins Leadership Team

VibeTech, Inc. announces the hiring of Marlo M. Vasquez as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Vasquez’s passion for entrepreneurship led him to VibeTech, where he will lead development and implementation of strategic and operational plans worldwide. “I decided to join VibeTech because its main product concept will definitely make a difference in the lives of individuals who suffer muscular atrophy due to mobility issues and balance impairments. The VibeTech One™ rehabilitation chair will allow these individuals to improve their standard of living. We are well positioned to serve multiple customer segments, including the elderly, injured athletes and individuals who cannot tolerate weight-bearing physical rehabilitation activity. I am excited and honored to become part of VibeTech’s leadership team and I look forward to building long lasting strategic relationships with our clients.”

The VibeTech leadership team is comprised of Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Leismer, PhD; Chief Operations Officer, Nadder Sahar, PhD; Chief Financial Officer, Marcos Guevara, MBA/BSE; and Regulatory Specialist, John Ziobro, BSE.

Mr. Vasquez was previously Global VP and General Manager, Nutritional Chemistry and Food Safety at Covance, Inc. Prior to that, he served as North America Services Marketing Manager and Six Sigma Master Black Belt at GE Healthcare. Mr. Vasquez holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Chicago, a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. Mr. Vasquez is also a recipient of Kellogg’s School of Management Executive Scholar Certificate in Leadership and Management.

About VibeTech
A pioneer in the medical rehabilitation device industry, VibeTech, Inc. improves people’s health, independence and quality of life through vibration science. The company’s cornerstone product, the VibeTech Oneä semi-recumbent vibration therapy system, is the only comprehensive solution to muscle disuse atrophy and functional decline, especially in the most difficult patients to treat—those with mobility impairments. Beyond VibeTech One, no other established treatment modality, including electronic stimulation, continuous passive motion, or ultrasound/diathermy, provides the comprehensive solution to satisfy all market needs.

The foundational vibration technology for the VibeTech One Rehabilitation Chair was initially developed as a countermeasure to disuse atrophy in astronauts whose strength had been compromised due to the negative effect of long duration space flight. This proprietary FDA-registered technology has now been extended for use in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physical therapy clinics, sports medicine facilities, and other rehabilitation centers, and offers safe, reliable and reimbursable treatment for an expanded patient base, including severely debilitated patients.

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