Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts: One week left to see Guggenheim piece re-created for THELMA

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Only one week left to see a piece that is part of the permanent collection of the

Guggenheim Museum in New York and was re-created at Thelma Sadoff Center for the

Arts (THELMA).

The exhibit “Sodium Exchange THELMA” by Hap Tivey ends Sunday, November 10.

Tivey, a pioneer in the Light and Space movement, also has work in the collections at

the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Picasso Studio in Paris. His work is one of

two opening exhibits since THELMA opened in September.

Tivey, of New York, returns to Fond du Lac to lead a free discussion on the history of

light as a medium for the arts. The discussion “A Final Night with Hap Tivey” is at 4 pm,

Sunday, November 10 at THELMA. Tivey will walk us through his exhibit and those

of other light artists. Admission to the Contemporary Wing is always free for THELMA

members and it will be free for students with ID on Sunday, November 10. The cost is

$5 for nonmembers.

“Sodium Exchange THELMA,” divided by a screen, gives visitors a unique experience.

One side is lit by a projector casting only soft tonal light onto the screen and the active

shadows of visitors that pass through the light. The opposite side is brightly lit by a

sodium lamp. Visitors to this side of the room see only the shadows cast from the other

side of the screen, and watch the figures “painted” by the actions in the other room.

Tivey offers the audience a two sided room split by a blank canvas, giving visitors the

opportunity to answer, with their own actions, the abstract question laid before them:

Are you an exhibitionist, or are you a voyeur?

To see “Sodium Exchange THELMA” in action, click:

The Contemporary Wing is open every day from 10:30 am to 5 pm except Thursdays

when it is open until 8 pm. Admission is always free for members and free for everyone

on the first Thursday of the month, including this Thursday, November 7.

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