Sprecher Brewing Company: Tasting synergies: Pairing Wisconsin artisanal cheeses with Sprecher beers

Contact: Anne Sprecher

414.964.7837 x252

Glendale, WI – Are you Wisconsin proud? Well then, this seminar is for you. On Tuesday,

December 3rd, Sprecher Brewing Company invites you to spend an evening with the brewmaster

and the cheese guru. Join Randy Sprecher, founder and head brewmaster of Sprecher Brewing

Company, and Sara Hill, Culinary Director of Cheese Education for the Wisconsin Milk

Marketing Board as they guide you through an array of award-winning Wisconsin artisanal

cheeses paired with award-winning Sprecher beers.

Participants will sample a selection of cheeses and beers while evaluating distinguishing

characteristics of each, what makes them pair so well together, and basic pairing principles.

“Because we are pairing some of Wisconsin’s best craft products – cheeses from Carr Valley,

Roth Kass, Widmer, Sartori with Sprecher beers – we’ll focus on the role of terroir, highlighting

what makes these products unique to Wisconsin. And we’ll be doing it with two people who are

among the most passionate in their respective industries. So yes, the entertainment factor will be

right up there with the deliciousness factor.” said Anne Sprecher, Communications Director.

Just in time for holiday entertaining, this session will also give tips about designing artisanal

cheese platters and craft beer pairing parties for the holidays. Participation cost: $20.00, includes

cheese and beer samples. Doors open at 5:30pm; session begins at 6:00pm. Reservations can be

made online at www.sprecherbrewery.com, or by calling 414.964.2739. Seating is limited.

Established in 1985, award-winning Sprecher Brewing Company is Milwaukee’s first brewery since

prohibition. Sprecher is located at 701 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, WI. More information about tours,

gift shop hours, products and events can be found on the website, www.sprecherbrewery.com.