Rozman Weath Management: 2013 corporate wellness program kicks off a strong start to a healthy lifestyle

Media Release:

Robin Rozman, Director of Operations
[email protected]

Eleven people lose 200 pounds since January during their most intense wellness program to date.

Brookfield, Wis. – March 13, 2013 — Third year, highest weight loss numbers are recorded by the team of financial professionals at Rozman Wealth Management. The group consists of all nine associates and two spouses; in 1-½ months they took off a total of 200 pounds. The team jokes that they lost one whole person.

Kurt Rozman, President of Rozman Wealth Management, hired Suzanne C. Bielinski, ND & QBS of Dayspring Spa & Wellness Center in Waukesha to oversee the program. She administered a Homeopathic version of the HCG diet along with detoxifying techniques and biofeedback sessions to each individual over a three month period. Suzanne’s personal touch and expertise were a key component to the success of the wellness program.

Each year gets more intense, and the Rozman team builds on the previous year’s knowledge and momentum. A person would not look at this group and think it possible to lose 200 pounds; they are fit and healthy to begin with. This year the team posted record weight loss numbers and this time, at the end of the official program, Kurt Rozman, President of Rozman Wealth Management, had a surprise. Rozman unveiled his “Leanest Winner” challenge which entails different prize categories to motivate the group to stay at their new healthy weight for the next six months. “I saw the dramatic change in myself and everyone on our team, and I want that to continue so I came up with a challenge which plays to our competitive nature. And I balanced it with an element of support by having teams for our challenge,” says Rozman.

“The prizes are a great, and the teams are motivated to win. It’s the wellness program that never ends. We continue to learn more about our health, and what works for us as individuals; at the same time, we work together as a team to motivate one another toward our goals,” says Robin Rozman, Director of Operations. “It shows great leadership by Kurt Rozman to offer these incentives to help keep his team dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.”

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