Revi Wellness: Milwaukee acupuncture & alternative health center aims new website to educate patients

CONTACT: Revi Wellness

MILWAUKEE — Revi Wellness, a
Milwaukee-based wellness center, announced that the practice has
launched a new website to educate the public about the benefits of
wellness care, including acupuncture, stress relief, pain management
and weight loss. Website features include a blog, free e-newsletter and
a “New Patient Center.” According to Dr. Michael Becker, the new
website will help patients learn more about the practice’s services,
including medically supervised weight loss, pain management, and stress

Dr. Michael Becker and the medical staff announced that Revi Wellness
has launched a new website, The new site
is dedicated to educating patients about the benefits of whole body
wellness using the latest medical technology and programs combined with
time tested learnings from Eastern medicine.

“Many individuals either turn to traditional medicine or holistic
options such as herbal remedies, meditation and acupuncture for a
variety of health issues. In many cases, we combine time tested methods
of Western and Eastern medicine to maximize our patient’s results with
stress reduction, weight loss, relieving chronic pain and supporting
injury rehabilitation,” said Dr. Becker.

Website features including a blog and e-newsletter will help patients
learn more about the benefits of holistic health care. The website
blog, for example, will spotlight different services offered by the
practice, like the popular HCG diet. Revi’s medical staff and health
practitioners will use the blog to answer frequently asked questions.
Individuals will also be able to post additional questions after each
blog post or suggest future topics.

“Our message with the blog is simple: don’t let life pass you by
because of health problems,” said Dr. Becker. “Our wellness services,
like the HCG diet, help patients get back in control of their health
through medical weight loss and holistic care. Our blog is a great tool
for empowering patients and providing a community forum for

Doris Kitazaki, one of REVI’s holistic practitioners and
acupuncturists, is also encouraging patients to sign up for the
practice’s e-newsletter. “We are putting together a monthly
e-newsletter that will cover a variety of topics such as medical weight
loss, diet & nutrition, stress management, local events, health news
and online specials for our patients,” said Kitazaki.

“The e-newsletter is an easy way to keep our patients focused on their
health, with informative, factual information for better living.”

Individuals who are interested in whole body wellness can visit the
website’s “New Patient Center” to learn more about what to expect
during their first visit.

Revi Wellness combines the latest medical technology with traditional
holistic treatments. All of Revi’s programs are supervised by a group
of highly experienced doctors, nurses and wellness professionals. Revi
offers a variety of custom programs and treatments including the HCG
diet, and acupuncture and more for Milwaukee patients.