Named one of Forbes’ top 100 career websites for 2013


Profession Direction, LLC

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608-276-9232, website of career expert, Kristin S. Johnson, is named one of The Top 100 Websites for Your Career by Forbes. This annual listing saw its debut in 2012, initiated by Jacquelyn Smith, career guru and writer at Forbes.

Forbes announced an invitation for nominations to the listing August 1, 2013 in their article, “Call For Nominations: The Best Websites For Your Career.” Selections were made according to career websites that Forbes believes “deserve some special recognition.” Due to the flood of nominations, the list was expanded from its original “Top 75” in 2012 to a top 100.

Forbes states, “ was created by Kristin S. Johnson with the mission to provide professionals and aspiring executives with top-notch career documents and advice, while boosting their confidence and aiding them in landing their ideal job. The Profession Direction resources page is a compilation of reputable resources and websites to aid careerists in answering tough job search questions.”

Kristin Johnson is a six-times certified career writer, job search coach, and social media consultant with an approach that is cutting-edge, creative and kind. Based in Madison, WI, she owns Profession Direction, LLC and works with professionals and executives across the country.