Port of Green Bay: Shows solid 2012 tonnage numbers

Work is already underway for 2013

(Green Bay) – The Port of Green Bay ended the 2012 shipping season with 1,917,651 metric tons passing through the Port. While this is an 11 percent decrease from 2011 numbers, Port officials say the season ended on a positive note. “Meeting or exceeding two million tons is considered a healthy season,” stated Port and Solid Waste Director Dean Haen. “Although the Port fell just short of reaching the mark, we ended the season with positive numbers, despite the slow-down over the past few months.”

Haen says there were several factors that contributed to falling short of the two million ton goal. “The past few mild winters have lowered the demand for road salt,” Haen said. “The Port saw a 40 percent decrease of salt shipments as a result.” Another factor is the current low cost of natural gas. “The price of natural gas is affecting utility and energy decisions, which made an impact on coal shipments,” said Haen. “The Port saw an 11 percent decline in coal this year and the forecast for 2013 coal shipments is for further declines in this commodity.”

The Port also saw a 10 percent decrease in the number of vessels that came through port. There were 170 vessels in port in 2012, compared to 188 in 2011.

The Port closed December 21, but work is already underway for the 2013 season. Early forecasts show that commodities like limestone, cement and petroleum products are expected to increase this year. “The Port expects to meet two million tons of cargo in 2013,” said Haen.

Based on the 2012 results, Haen says he is looking forward to this year as the shipping industry continues to be the most cost effective method of transportation for commodities. “It also generates employment opportunities for the region and brings money into our communities,” Haen commented. “The Port is a vital component of our area economy that not every community can say they have. We want to capitalize on that and extend the Port’s reach to new markets in Northeast Wisconsin in 2013.”

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