Paoli Gallery: Debuts with ‘The Sowing Table’ exhibit

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The new Paoli Gallery, next to the Paoli Café, 6895 Paoli Road, in Paoli, WI opens this Friday, April 19 with a show by Madison artist, Ericka Napp. With a reception from 5:30 to 8:30 pm on Friday evening, the show runs through April 28.

Napp uses the mediums of textiles and ceramics to explore cultural issues. In this exhibit “The Sowing Table,” invites the viewer to sit down on chairs to eat and contemplate.

The artist uses stitched and mended ceramics to provoke questions revolving around food issues in American and the hidden killers in our food. The textiles are printed with hearts and organs to provoke concerns around the prescribed standard American diet, obesity, and other health issues.

The Paoli Gallery is the newest facet of the Ruegsegger Farms Grocery and Cafe. The Paoli Gallery is adjacent to the Paoli Cafe, which serves meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, primarily from Blanchardville-based Ruegsegger Farms.

Paoli Grocery offers a wide selection of mainly locally sourced grocery items, much of which are organic.

Napp is a second year MFA student in the Design Studies program at the UW-Madison. She received her undergraduate degrees in Textile and Apparel Design from UW-Madison and in Textile and Surface Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Prior to attending graduate school Napp designed for several major retailers. While she loved designing textiles and home decor, she came to dislike the feeling of the “throw away society” in which she was participating.

Napp is passionate about textiles and ceramics. She enjoys combining her love of the two mediums. Her work explores and evaluates the connections between working, living, and the natural environment.

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