Integrity Insurance: Time-change essentials, more than just turning back the clock


Tim McAdow

Director of Communications

Integrity Insurance


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Integrity Insurance Offers Home Safety Precaution Advice

APPLETON, Wisconsin (October 22, 2013) – Integrity Insurance would like to remind homeowners that not only does Nov. 3 mark the end of daylight saving time, but it is also a good day to begin safeguarding the home from potential hazards as the colder months approach. To help homeowners prepare, Integrity offers a Time-Change Checklist.

Time-Change Checklist:

• Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Replace the actual unit once every 10 years. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, one-quarter (24 percent) of deaths were caused by fires in properties in which smoke alarms were present but failed to operate.

• Have a certified professional inspect your chimney before use. Even if you haven’t used your fireplace, debris can build up and cause blockages. If you do use your chimney often, creosote, which is highly combustible, can layer in chimney walls and lead to chimney fires.

• Clear your dryer vent and exhaust duct. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 15,000 dryer fires occur annually and cause more than $84.4 million in property damage.

• Have your furnace cleaned and inspected, and change the filter. This is especially important for older furnaces, which can develop cracks and leak carbon monoxide.

• Install carbon monoxide detectors in hallways near sleeping areas and change batteries yearly.

“Taking simple precautions like changing smoke detector batteries and clearing dryer vents can save the ones you love,” said Brenda Fraser, Property Claims Manager Integrity Insurance. “We encourage you to make these annual changes part of your time change to-do list and educate your family on their importance.”

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