Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction: To build or remodel?


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Hoffman provides insights on what will meet business needs best

(Appleton, WI) As a business owner operating in today’s economy, you need to know the facts when it comes to physically expanding your business; should you build a new facility, remodel your current space or renovate a new building? Although cost is a factor, it is not the only thing to consider. “Many other considerations, like use of space and function, should be evaluated as well,” stated Kevin Duffy, senior project manager with Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc. “Take everything into account to make the best decision possible for the business and your employees.”

There are several items to take into consideration when evaluating the strengths and challenges of your current office environment. Duffy suggests keeping track of everything by writing down ideas and concepts to help develop a clear picture of what you really need.

Some items to consider include:

* Location. Property values have dropped significantly in the past few years because of the recession. Before deciding to build or remodel, determine what the value of your current or new location would be and how well those values hold up if the markets dip.

* Space. Think about how much space you need now and may need in the future when it comes to employees and items such as technology and storage needs. If you choose to remodel, make sure you’re creating enough space for future company growth in all of these areas so you don’t have to repeat the process in a few short years.

* Logistics. Remodeling or moving can cause substantial change in a work environment. It can impact parking, mobility, or employees’ proximity to nearby restaurants or retail outlets. Consider how a move or remodel might impact these types of things either positively or negatively. Depending on your company’s size, you may want to think about asking for employee feedback so you have a general idea of how they will respond to a change.

* Time. Both remodeling and building will take a significant amount of time to complete. Consider the potential impact on work time to physically move, distractions to the workforce during a remodel, and more. A renovation project will often include multiple phases to complete the work. When adding phases, you not only increase the amount of time needed to complete the renovation, but also the number of times employees need to move to facilitate the work.

* Upgrades. Using sustainable materials and methods continues to grow in popularity and in options for you to consider. Depending on your business philosophy and what type of building you are currently in, it may make more sense to start from scratch when going green rather than trying to upgrade a number of outdated amenities.

“Deciding whether to build or remodel can be a difficult task,” Duffy stated. “While both have their advantages and disadvantages, each situation is unique and deserves careful consideration. The most important thing is to take the time to evaluate every step carefully so you feel confident about the end result.”

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