Health care exec confident Obamacare will be on schedule

Group Health Cooperative CEO Kevin Hayden said his company is “all in” on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Appearing on “UpFront with Mike Gousha,” Hayden said on he’s “quite confident” the system will be up and running by the expected deadlines. While he acknowledged the possibility that politics could impact how the law functions, he said the probability of that happening has dropped.

“We’re ready to go, and I think the attitude of the federal government is there’s no turning back given the massive amount of money that’s been spent to invest in this and frankly the political capital to get this done,” he said.

Hayden said he has concerns whether people new to the exchanges will be able to navigate them. But that’s part of why GHC created a website to help consumers understand their options.

“We have a sense that people are very confused,” Hayden said. “This is very difficult to understand and yet we’ve tried to put it in simple terms that all residents can understand.”

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